In line with our policy of gathering the opinions of our customers from a wide variety of backgrounds, we are today interviewing the Managing Director and co-founder ofAERIX SYSTEMS?

AERIX SYSTEMS designs and develops omnidirectional drones. These are capable of orienting themselves in any direction and orientation in space.

Their system is part of the civil protection, audiovisual and professional intervention markets. In fact, thanks to its extensive operational and security capabilities, the company’s technology enables new methods of shooting.

It is also proving to be an asset in the search for missing persons in the mountains, for example, with a drone capable of intervening despite snow or strong winds on a mountainside.

The company’s CEO, Clément Picaud, asked him to share his needs and experience of CATIA software, 3DEXPERIENCE, and XDInnovation support.

  • Ne first wanted to know what the company’s needs and challenges were in terms of 3D design.

Clément indicates that lechnology thatthey developedt today is leading to highly complex research and development challenges, requiring a thorough understanding of the device’s physics. accustomed to working with Dassault Systèmes tools (via CATIA V5) during our studies, my partner Hugo MAYOUNOVE and I are convinced of the central role played by computer-aided design in product development. The industrial issues facing the company today oblige us to develop a mechanically and electronically highly complex product, requiring a perfect understanding of business needs. This is one of the advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE, through the use of different roles and the platformwhich also facilitates teleworking Clémentme that CATIA V5 is a guarantee of quality for them and hopes to find the same same certainty through 3DEXPERIENCE.

  • Then we turned our attentions the choice of 3DEXPERIENCE

According to Clément, getting to grips with the platform remains very complex.

He adds that it’s difficult to fully understand its use, or simply to find one’s way around without any initial help. “Although the design tools are similar to CATIA V5 and can therefore be mastered very quickly by experienced users, using the platform posed a number of problems for us at the outset, particularly in terms of Product Life Management, bookmarks and other non-intuitive features.

It’s also this lack of intuitiveness that created a lot of problems for us at start-up with PLM and all the file management.”

In short, Clément’s message is that Dashboard management is complex and unintuitive at first, but with help and training, it becomes an indispensable tool and an added value for project management. In his opinion, it’s only with time that a start-up like his can design complex systems with good synergy between the different trades.

To conclude this interview, we wanted some feedback on theexperience XDInnovation

Clément confirms that he and his team were very well supported, adding: “It was above all thanks to the training courses and the time XDI’s support staff were available that we quickly overcame the barriers to getting to grips with the system. There was very good communication around the software, reassuring us about the tools and our needs, with people who really knew the software and what was at stake. The support offered in getting to grips with and managing the software, which proved to be indispensable, and with which we are particularly satisfied.

Finally, Clément says that XDI has been a real partner in the implementation of the tool, listening carefully, providing good training and, above all, being responsive to his company’s needs. He insists that when new members joined his company, XDI was very responsive in making the tools available.

Cassandre Maximoff
Marketing & Communication Officer

I have the pleasure of managing XDI’s communications on all channels, especially here on the website!

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