SOLIDWORKS 2023 Price List

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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software is now available in its most advanced version called SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE. The Dassault Systèmes price list is adjusted accordingly.

The prices of the desktop licenses "ON PREMISE" remain the same since SOLIDWORKS Standard still costs 6000€ with an annual maintenance fee of 1500€ (125€ per month). On the other hand, in order to offer the best experience to customers, SOLIDWORKS now wants to focus on subscription offers, without commitment. In this context, when you order a SOLIDWORKS "On Premise" license, the parallel purchase of 2 years of maintenance will be mandatory.

Of course, you can always purchase SolidWorks, switch to a subscription, or also opt for a Solid works rental. For example, a SOLIDWORKS Standard solution will be available at 300€ per month. Please note that licenses purchased second hand from SolidWorks are not currently compliant with the Dassault Systèmes license agreement.

What is the difference between a SolidWorks rental and a Solidworks subscription?

  • Leasing is an offer available on SolidWorks "On Premise" licenses. 2 options are available: short term rental (QLC or YLC) or financial rental over 36 or 60 months. In the last case (financial leasing), it is very close to a LOA or LLD, and is therefore similar to financing. Be careful, in this case you are committed for 24, 36 or 60 months.
  • The Solidwork subscription is only available on new versions (QSC or YSC) of 3DEXPERIENCE

Considering the change of commercial policy of Dassault Systèmes, from July 1st, 2023, the most economical solution to equip yourself is the YSC (annual subscription) or QSC (quarterly subscription). "Buying Solidworks" is no longer the "cheap" solution, while "renting Solidworks" will gradually become a subscription without commitment :).

While each of these Solidworks offerings may seem a bit complicated, you should know that we are moving towards simplification by moving closer to market standards.

Sometimes there are SolidWorks software promotions, orSolidWorks coupons. Be careful about the validity of these offers.

Solidworks and Catia blog posts related to pricing, history of promotions or recent XDI offers:



    SOLIDWORKS STANDARD maintenance: 2000€.


    Maintenance SOLIDWORKS PROFESSIONAL: 2400€.


    SOLIDWORKS STANDARD maintenance : 3200€.



    Monthly subscription - Multi-user installation - PDM included


    Monthly subscription - Multi-user installation - PDM included


    Monthly subscription - Multi-user installation - PDM included

SolidWorks Enterprise, SolidWorks Education, SolidWorks Makers?

Please note that thisSolidworks pricing pdf, presents the public SolidWorks prices in the "Enterprise" version. These versions are those used in industrial companies (special machines, design, sheet metal work, boiler making, robotics, ...). These versions are delivered natively with volumetric (3D), surface and 2D drawing functionalities.

There are very interesting offers for schools, public research laboratories, students, startups, ... By joining certain programs, notably the startup program, you can benefit from the first year free of charge. In addition to these special offers, there are specific discounts if you want to buy solidworks in volume (+ 5 licenses, + 10 licenses, + 50 licenses). Finally, don't hesitate to follow us on linkedin, to keep up to date with the exceptional promotions that Dassault Systèmes might offer.

Want to know more about the difference between the "On Premise" version of SolidWorks and the brand new "3DExperience" version? Please see our blog post: Buy SOLIDWORKS Desktop or subscribe to SOLIDWORKS Connected - CLOUD?

You can also have all the information (programs, duration, prices, ...) on SolidWorks distance learning courses

Please feel free to contact us via chat or by filling out our"SolidWorks Contact Form" to get specific information about these specific price lists. You can also find us on the solidworks reseller page.

The great news of SolidWorks 3DEXPERIENCE is that this version is now available in subscription without commitment. When we talk about "without commitment", it is to be more precise a Solidworks subscription for 3 months. The payment is made every month. So buying a SolidWorks license is no longer essential (but can remain an option). The acronyms used are now QSC/YSC/PSC/ASC.

Which SolidWorks version should I choose?

  • QSC ( Quaterly Service Charge ) : 3DExperience quarterly subscription (monthly billing)
  • YSC ( Annual Service Charge ) : 3DExperience Annual Subscription (Annual Billing)
  • PSC ( Perpetual Service Charge ) : Perpetual Service Charge (PSC): Perpetual right to use 3DExperience (One time billing). Attention SolidWorks PSC licenses are, from January 1, 2023, necessarily associated with an ASC subscription.
  • ASC ( Annual Service Charge ) : Solidworks Maintenance Contract (Now mandatory)

The advantages of subscriptions are multiple. They allow to adapt the licenses to the real needs of the design office. You can also tailor the licensing options to your studies. Now called "3DEXPERIENCE Roles", these 300 license options are also available for quarterly or annual rental. The comparison of license functionalities (Standard, Professional, Premium) as well as the description of all roles is available from our XDI teams.

We have only talked about SolidWorks but of course we have offers to buy CATIA as well at preferential rates .