SOLIDWORKS or free CATIA? What are the options?

There are several ways to benefit from new versions of SolidWorks or CATIA free of charge. It’s an opportunity to carry out your projects legally, with every chance on your side, thanks to appropriate, INNOVATIVE Computer-Aided Design TOOLS!

Because the use of illicit software is not an end in itself. Especially as this is far from viable in the long term: several hundred companies a year are detected by Dassault Systèmes for unauthorized use of their software. The question now is: Why pirate when there are alternatives like the startups & entrepreneurs program, educational licenses, or free trials, designed to help you get started? The “Startup” offer, for example: These two distinct offers give you access to 3D CAD, Simulation and PDM software for a period of 3 years, free of charge or virtually free of charge for at least the first year. Complemented by 3DEXPERIENCE training, it’s the best way to launch your new project. No more reason to see SolidWorks Crack, Catia Crack in a google search :)

The different possibilities for using free Dassault Systèmes 3D CAD software (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA, …)

WARNING: Why not download SOLIDWORKS illegally?

SOLIDWORKS is a CAD software package, just like CATIA. The 3D design and simulation solutions offered by Dassault Systèmes are recognized as being among the simplest and most powerful for developing the best products. That’s why at XDI we want you to be able to try out the best CAD3D software. You can also use them, under certain conditions, during the launch phases of your product. During this SolidWorks or CATIA trial phase, you’ll benefit from the full support of our Customer Success Manager teams. We hope you’ll appreciate the quality of our service (you can check out the XD Innovation Reviews from SolidWorks & Catia users on google for an overview). Because SolidWorks and Catia aren’t the only solutions you can try out, we’ve put together a blog post with links to a few other solutions: SolidWorks VS Fusion 360 – OnShape – Creo

Finally, you can take a training course, even during a free trial period. These SolidWorks or Catia training courses can also be provided free of charge, as XDI is one of the few training centers certified by both Dassault Systèmes and QUALIOPI. QUALIOPI certification means that, depending on your training budget, you can take a free Solidworks or Catia training course and/or benefit from a substantial “discount coupon”. Dassault Systèmes certification entitles you to a free coupon for the CSWP diploma.

As you can see, downloading a Crack SolidWorks or Catia, is definitely not the easiest way to get SolidWorks, Catia, Abaqus, 3DEXPERIENCE, delmia … free of charge :). If you are contacted by phone or mail by a Solidworks Mediator, Anti Piracy Field Operations Representative or License Sales Mediation, your PC may have been identified as using a cracked license via its MAC address. Please note: If you don’t think so, or if you’re eligible for a free program, we can help you :). Contact our XDI solidworks & Catia technical support

[Edit 25/04/23] For those who only need to view 2D or 3D files, please see the Blog post: What’s the difference between Edrawings and the 3DEXPERIENCE 3D viewer?

So don’t hesitate to contact us to check your eligibility for each program (there are others!) by filling in the contact form or Live Chat.

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Marketing & Communication Officer

I have the pleasure of managing XDI’s communications on all channels, especially here on the website!

Enjoy your reading :)