ILYA has chosen to work closely with XDI for the implementation of its 100% cloud collaborative solution, ensuring exceptional personalized support for our customers thanks to our technical teams.

Making a difference in green innovation: ILYA reinvents the concept of the eco-friendly, comfortable shower. 💧

The success story 💪🏼 of our customer ILYA:

  • Simplified redefinition of the shower sector.
  • Accelerated development of innovative products.
  • Facilitating the adoption of more environmentally-friendly daily gestures.

ILYA, a company founded in 2019 in Toulouse, is committed to creating products to help the transition to greener daily habits. Their comfortable cyclic shower solution is an illustration of this vision, bringing a breath of fresh air to the bathroom industry. 🚿

ILYA has chosen 3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS to support its innovative green technology project. XDI’s technical experts were with them every step of the way. This collaboration has enabled ILYA to benefit from the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Solidworks platform, created by Dassault Systèmes, to develop even more durable and ergonomic shower solutions. 🛠

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