SOLIDWORKS PDM: 3DEXPERIENCE & Pack XDI, the new ultimate solution

For SolidWorks PDM users who need to communicate files outside their company, particularly for manufacturing purposes, the use of 3DEXPERIENCE®facilitates these exchanges.

Define automatic rules in the PDM for publishing “approved” files to the 3DDrive (platform application). The files you want are then available in the Cloud to all the users you want, even when you’re on the move or abroad. It’s now possible to view 2D drawings and 3D parts without a CAD or eDrawing license.

What’s more, you can access the MarketPlace, the platform’s directory of service, manufacturing and standard parts suppliers. But you can also offer your services and win new customers!

3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS will also enable you to better manageyour components in overhaul, cas d’emplois of your files and layouts. The platform will help you manageean the uniqueness and traceability of your data, and help you minimize errors.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE®for data management.

By way of comparison, the return on investment is far greater than the risks of using SOLIDWORKS illegally!

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Because sometimes pictures are worth more than words, the olidworks teams have produced an explanatory video to guide you through the discovery of data management on SOLIDWORKS. On our Youtube channel, you’ll find a number of videos to help you use our pdm tools.

If you need more information or a demonstration, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our 3DEXPERIENCE experts will answer all your questions.

Cassandre Maximoff
Marketing & Communication Officer

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