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For over 25 years, SOLIDWORKS® has been the industry standard for design and engineering. SOLIDWORKS’ intuitive 3D design and product development solutions enable you to conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage, and transform your innovative ideas into exceptional product designs.

Close the gap between PC-based design data and secure data storage in the cloud with cloud-connected solutions. You can use the SOLIDWORKS software you know and love, and connect with your team and stakeholders wherever you are with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE®Works.

  • Create fast, accurate designs, including 3D models and 2D drawings of complex parts and large assemblies

  • Design with cost and manufacturability in mind using cost estimating tools and manufacturability checks

  • Interact with team members and control revisions using standard data management tools
  • Eliminate errors and rework by using integrated motion and stress analysis tools

The different versions of SOLIDWORKS


With this powerful 3D design and manufacturing solution, you’ll quickly become operational. In addition to parts, assemblies and 2D drawing functionalities, it includes specialized tools for sheet metal work, welded constructions, surface management, molds, product configuration….


With SOLIDWORKS Professional, you get all the features of SOLIDWORKS Standard, but also electronic CAD (ECAD)/mechanical CAD (MCAD) collaboration, automatic cost estimation, collaboration, advanced photorealistic rendering, and design and drawing verification.


With SOLIDWORKS Premium, you get all the features of SOLIDWORKS Professional, plus structural and motion analysis, advanced surface plating, reverse engineering, and pipe and cable routing. This is the most complete version of SOLIDWORKS.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS combines intuitive and robust SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Connect your 3D CAD desktop to the cloud with Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, in just a few clicks

Design with SOLIDWORKS, then save your data securely in the cloud, on all your devices

Collaborate in real time with all the departments of your company, including your customers, partners, etc. ….

The functional comparison

  • 3D Design & Layout
  • Sheet metal work, Mechanic-welding, Moulds
  • 3D Design & Layout
  • Sheet metal work, Mechanic-welding, Moulds
  • Toolbox (Component library & automation)
  • Rendering-Photorealistic (Visualize)
  • 3D Design & Layout
  • Sheet metal work, Mechanic-welding, Moulds
  • Toolbox (Component library & automation)
  • Rendering-Photorealistic (Visualize)
  • Structural simulation (RDM)
  • Piping, piping, harnessing
  • Advanced surface flattening

Test, Compare, Adopt

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions are the cornerstone of the SOLIDWORKS® suite. They offer powerful, user-friendly features that help you reduce product development time, cut costs, and improve quality.

You still have questions?

Discover all the features

  • Design automation and configurability – Automate the creation of designs and drawings with built-in configuration tools.

  • Dedicated tools for specific design tasks: Work more efficiently with application-specific tools for drilling, fastening, sheet metal, injection molding, plastic and molded parts, welded construction, surface management, mesh models, reverse engineering, piping and electrical routing.

  • Downstream design changes: Make changes to your design at any time. Changes are quickly and easily passed on to all downstream departments.

  • Eliminate errors and rework by using integrated motion and stress analysis tools

  • Existing Component Library – Use the extensive library of parts and components so you don’t have to spend time modeling common parts, such as bolts, nuts, washers, and other common hardware.

  • Advanced surface flattening: Save time and material with advanced surface flattening tools for determining the initial blank size of complex, non-developable textile and metal components.

  • Simulation tools: Reduce costs and time-to-market with motion simulation and structural analysis tools that help you understand how your designs behave in real-world conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming prototypes.

  • Data management: Manage interactions between team members and control revisions using data management tools.

  • Photorealistic images and videos: communicate your ideas more effectively with tools that allow you to create, publish and view lifelike photorealistic images and videos of designs.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality support – Make it easy to transition from SOLIDWORKS CAD to augmented reality and virtual reality with an export option (extended reality).

  • Environmental impact: study the environmental impact of your designs using the integrated analysis tools.

  • Eliminate design errors and rework – Eliminate design errors and rework before designs are sent to manufacturing by automatically checking for interference and virtually testing designs with integrated motion and stress analysis tools.

  • Interference check: Automatically check for interference and misalignment before going to manufacturing.

  • Integrated design and manufacturing: Allow your design and manufacturing teams to work simultaneously in a fully integrated system.

  • Precise Bills of Materials (BOMs): Create the precise BOMs required by manufacturing with a single mouse click.

  • Cost and production optimization: Design for cost and manufacturing through automatic manufacturing cost estimation and manufacturability checks.

  • Collaborate directly with other SOLIDWORKS users: Share data directly with your customers and suppliers who also use SOLIDWORKS, without using time-consuming data translation that can introduce design errors.

  • CAD interoperability-Open and manipulate most types of 3D CAD data with the ability to link to and work with the original CAD format model or automatically convert it to a SOLIDWORKS file.

  • Reduce maintenance costs for multiple CAD systems: Dramatically reduce the costs associated with supporting multiple design and manufacturing tools by implementing a fully integrated solution that spans the entire process from design to manufacturing

  • Quick and easy to learn: learn quickly with online help and tutorials, live technical support and training.

  • Connected ecosystem from design to manufacturing: Access the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform in the cloud and share CAD data, collaborate with others, and use an ever-expanding suite of connected tools to design, manufacture, and manage your products.