Maximize revenue on your innovative ideas with 3DEXPERIENCE

In product development, there must be a common language – 3D – to describe the product in the real world with its behaviors, features and kinetics in space. There must also be a way to describe how the idea becomes a product – how the virtual becomes real in terms of manufacturing. And during these complex and interdependent processes, data integrity must be maintained without any loss of accuracy or ideas added along the way. In other words, there needs to be a digital thread to hold all the ideas together as the idea moves between departments (or up and down the supply chain) in a consistent manner.

Dassault Systèmes3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a range of cutting-edge solutions that help ideas and dreams become reality while preserving the integrity of the digital thread. It uses a consistent platform-wide language or end-to-end data model and stores data in a common, secure database without loss of fidelity. The unified data model and common data storage are part of the fundamental principles of the 3DEXPERIENCE because the design you create in CATIA uses the same data for which you create a change object or BOM item in ENOVIA or a work instruction in DELMIA or a simulation in SIMULIA.

This both accelerates innovation and allows for even more creativity throughout the design process, as no import/export is required, no data loss, no discontinuity in processes.

In addition, thanks to some of the platform’s built-in features such as 3DDashboard and 3DSwymConsumer feedback on existing products can come back to the same topic to repair the shortcomings of previously designed products and influence new designs to be even more in line with consumer expectations and desires.

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