Interview – La Ruche à Vélos

In this new article, we meet Guillaume Chaumet, co-founder of La Ruche à Vélos.

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Lucie P-L: “Could you introduce yourself?”

Guillaume C: “Guillaume Chaumet, 23, I live in Nantes. I co-founded La Ruche à Vélos with two school friends two years ago.”

L: “What’s the concept behind La Ruche à Vélo?”

G: “It’s an automated, secure bicycle parking solution. The principle is that the user comes in, deposits his or her bike in a lock and then a machine will automatically come and store it in a storage area. So the bike will be protected from the elements and, above all, will benefit from maximum security.”

L: “What are your needs and challenges in terms of 3D design?”

C: “For us, all our needs and challenges lie in the design of the parking lot. So that brings together all the 3D modeling as well as the design of the machined parts and then the integration of the commercial elements to make the final modeling.”

L: “Why did you choose 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS?”

C: “We chose it because we’re part of the SOLIDWORKS startup program. I didn’t know about this solution before. So we gave it a try. It’s true that we’re just discovering what it’s all about.

The platform allows us to share and work. There are 3 of us working on the design. The platform is pretty good for collaboration”.

L: “In your opinion, what are the two-three aspects that characterize the platform?”

  • “Precisely, I would say collaborative work, work in drive
  • The possibility of viewing the parts
  • Then having a platform to access the various SOLIDWORKS solutions.”

L: “What do you think is the platform’s real added value?”

C: “Yes for us it’s more about collaborative working, being able to all work at the same time on the same design.”

L: “A few words about your XDI experience?”

C: “The XDI service was proposed with the startup offer, so we can ask our questions to experts when we need to. It also, and above all, allows us to have support in discovering 3DEXPERIENCE.”

Cassandre Maximoff
Marketing & Communication Officer

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