3DSWYM is a corporate social platform that goes beyond intranets and other internal communication solutions. It enables each employee to participate and exchange views on various subjects, such as the company’s vision and/or strategy.

The aim is to make company knowledge and data (internal/external) accessible and dynamic. This platform brings together all the key features needed to strengthen internal communication and information sharing. This means that everyone involved in a project has access to the content, and can “make their contribution” by giving their opinion, annotating a part, applying their skills and modifying the work, as well as sharing more complex 3D models.

The community approach allows us to focus on objectives and content, helping everyone to concentrate on the company’s strategic priorities. Communities foster the creation of strong synergies by developing an open, participative approach.

Once set up, this corporate social network will become an essential part of your organization’s internal processes, taking part in your information systems and decision-making chain.

“This environment was imagined by a team of employees from different Dassault Systèmes organizations dreaming of a next-generation collaborative environment, and wishing to transform the way they interact together and innovate.”

Exchange for better collaboration and innovation

The 3DSWYM application simplifies
exchanges and facilitates
collaborative working
on a daily basis.

You can even create your own communities and join others to learn from users and share knowledge via contributions and comments grouped by expertise, activity or area of interest.

News feed: Find all the news from the groups you’ve subscribed to. Thanks to a modern, intuitive design, you’ll be able to easily identify your members’ innovative ideas and publications.

Play the integration card. With this application, you can now connect all the information sources you need to be automatically informed of new events (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!Mail).

With the intelligent 6WTags search engine, you can find any part, assembly or document on the platform in an instant.

New internal social network

Share information about conferences, training courses and internal events of interest to your staff, live and throughout your company. Share the news live! Relay the most important information to your employees. Take advantage of an optimized ad system for maximum exposure of your messages. The application also lets you share messages and documents in your real-time conversations instantly from wherever you like.

3DSWYM gives everyone in your company the opportunity to express themselves instantly, whatever the project. The platform offers users the means to innovate by sharing their expertise, experience, knowledge or skills.

Find out more about the essentials of the 3DSWYM application in the video below.

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