Discovering a new collaboration platform: 3DEXPERIENCE®.

Platform definition :

  • A set of tools (software, hardware, operating systems, etc.) designed to store and share virtual content (audio, video or other).

It is widely acknowledged that switching from one task and tool to another costs us up to 40% of our productivity. Engineers and designers face this challenge in particular, as they have to model and revise products, simulate and validate designs, generate drawings and renderings, and communicate all these changes to their teammates, suppliers and customers.

3DEXPERIENCE®is a 100% cloud-based platform. It gives users access to a portfolio of diverse, complementary solutions that work seamlessly together.

Its special feature:

It’s a platform designed to meet and adapt to all your needs, at every key stage of your projects. It enables your teams to :

  • create dashboards and communities,
  • aggregate and share data,
  • review and iterate on designs,
  • connect people and data in a single place to foster collaboration,
  • agility and faster time to market.

Added value:

With this platform, DASSAULT SYSTEMES makes the most powerful technologies and intuitive capabilities available in a single environment. You’ll be able to access your data from home, from your workstation or from any other device (computer, tablet, etc.).

If you’re a SOLIDWORKS user, updates to your models will be automatically sent to the platform instead of to e-mail. If you’re concerned about the time and resources needed to set up and maintain on-premise software and infrastructure, you can opt for the cloud.

Mobility :

If you have mobile employees who work in the field on a regular or occasional basis, you can give them instant access to their 3D data, anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection.


The platform offers a portfolio of solutions including :

⦁ Parametric modeling: Quickly create conceptual and detailed 3D designs and edit them in SOLIDWORKS.

⦁ Subdivision modeling (Sub-D): quickly and easily design organic 3D shapes and edit them in SOLIDWORKS.

⦁ Product data and lifecycle management: manage product designs and documents without leaving SOLIDWORKS, easily perform lifecycle operations, navigate product structures and manage tasks and projects.

⦁ Advanced simulation: Evaluate structural integrity with powerful finite element analysis-based simulation technology that you can access directly from SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

3DEXPERIENCE®is much more than a design and engineering tool. It’s the solution you need to boost productivity. It enables your teams to share responsibilities, with direct links between initial tasks and the models created throughout the life of your projects.

Cloud storage allows teams to avoid the risk of getting out of sync on model revisions or assembly configurations, and instead focus on actual design work. Customized communities can also be created on the platform, allowing users to gather and share feedback, enabling decisions on next steps to be made more quickly.

Whatever your workflow needs, the platform provides the tools and environment you need to create and manage a product (from genesis to market), and this is not limited to modeling and manufacturing parts. 3DEXPERIENCE® is a business experience platform – it’s much more than design and engineering.

Not sure where to start with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform? Don’t worry! The XDInnovation team is here to help you identify your needs and propose the right solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Cassandre Maximoff
Marketing & Communication Officer

I have the pleasure of managing XDI’s communications on all channels, especially here on the website!

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