CAD in the cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE®.

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Joindre l’ensemble de vos départements (aussi bien vos départements de conception et de fabrication que ceux de service et marketing) dans un environnement de développement collaboratif, c’est désormais possible ! Basée au sein du cloud, la plateforme 3DEXPERIENCE raccorde votre processus de développement de produits de sa conception à sa livraison, en passant par sa fabrication.


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Suitable for all types of company, this platform gives you access, as your needs evolve, to a transparent portfolio of applications enabling you to manage all aspects of your product lifecycle.

With it, your teams can share data securely wherever they are. They will remain connected to each other in real time, regardless of the electronic media used, and will be able to maintain constant contact with customers and suppliers. This system will enable you to track your company’s progress and ensure that you offer your customers a unique experience!

You’ll be able to retain your skills in Product Data Management (PDM ) and add the power of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to your design processes. As a result, you’ll be able to effortlessly access, manage and share your data. SOLIDWORKS or
data, as well as participate with your partners in the development of your product designs directly from this interface.

Let the 3DEXPERIENCE platform showcase your company’s added value in product design development!




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