100% Cloud design

Design directly from your web browser

100% cloud 3D design directly from your browser is now possible!

No installation is required. Indeed, everything is designed to simplify the use and make 3D more accessible. Take advantage of the best 100% Cloud design tools with CATIA.

Parametric CAD

CATIA xDesign combines ease of use with the latest 3D design technologies. Enjoy direct access from your web browser!

Create your own parametric 3D models or let xDesign’s design guide suggest a new solution.

Share and collaborate on your 100% Cloud design with CATIA from the 3DEXPERIENCE®community.

Subdivisional modeling

Easily create organic shapes and complex surfaces. All this thanks to a subdivision modeling solution (Sub-D). Cloud-based, it is fully integrated with the 3DEXPERIENCE®Platform and works seamlessly with CATIA®.

Quickly and easily create, review and evaluate ergonomic and organic shapes with 3D Sculptor (which includes the xShape application).

Sheet metal work

Create accurate and detailed sheet metal designs. They will be ready for production anywhere, anytime and without any installation required.

Streamline the design process with an intuitive, intelligent and dedicated sheet metal user experience.