Would you like to become a 3DEXPERIENCE trainer? Good idea, there’s a lot of demand for this “Tech Job”. Although it may seem like a challenge, by following the right steps, you can become a 3DEXPERIENCE “Super Coach”, and why not start or continue your career at XDI :)

First of all, it’s important to master one of the 2 CAD programs – that’s a given! This means having a sound knowledge of all the software’s features and being able to use them effectively. If you’re not yet at ease with SolidWorks or CATIA, we recommend you take the full range of CAD training courses in the XDI catalog. Note that XDI is a Dassault Systèmes-certified training center, which means you can be sure of following the certification course. Please note!

Once you’ve got a good grasp of the software, and especially once you’ve used it in a Pro environment, you’ll be able to earn certifications. There are several certifications available, on CATIA, on SOLIDWORKS, and on all the platform’s Roles. These include CSWA and CSWP certification. But the first “Grail” in the SW ecosystem remains CSWE (Certified SolidWorks Expert) certification. It is one of the most respected and recognized in the industry. This certification testifies to your SolidWorks skills, and can help you stand out from the crowd of potential employers (training centers). This certification costs around €150. You can buy online. At least, that’s the aim of every new recruit to XDI’s technical department! In the meantime, you can take a SolidWorks skills test in just a few questions. It’s a short questionnaire that gives you an initial idea of your level and the type of questions you’ll be asked.

In addition to SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and certification, teaching experience is also crucial to becoming an effective trainer. If you don’t yet have teaching experience, you can get involved in tutoring or mentoring projects to gain teaching experience. You have to learn how to teach, but you also have to have the right temperament. If you enjoy explaining, helping people to understand and being patient (yes, not all learners move at the same pace!). This is probably the job for you.

It’s also important to keep up to date with SOLIDWORKS updates and new features. Software is constantly evolving, and it’s essential to keep up to date so you can teach your students the latest features. It should be noted that for the more “experienced” among you (not to say the older ones :)), an upgrade on 3DEXPERIENCE, cloud, cyber security, … will be essential to accompany your customers on the latest Dassault Systèmes technologies.

Finally, to become a SOLIDWORKS or CATIA trainer, it’s important to implement a personal marketing strategy to make yourself known to companies and individuals looking for trainers. This can include creating a website or blog to showcase your CAD and simulation skills. A well-filled Linkedin profile (with all the keywords for your skills, certifications, etc.) is essential.

By following these steps, you can become a super 3DEXPERIENCE coach, qualified and respected, able to pass on your knowledge and expertise to enthusiastic students. Don’t forget to keep learning and developing as a teacher to maintain your competence and relevance in the industry.

A CAD trainer can work for a company, a training center or be self-employed. Salaries for experts in SOLIDWORKS or CATIA training range from €25K to €40K per year, depending on your experience, certifications and specialties (Simulation, Design, PDM, etc.). Being a CAD Trainer is a fascinating job, where you’ll meet many designers, technicians and engineers. You’ll discover exciting companies, industrial startups and major groups, and be faced with stimulating challenges.

At XDI we regularly recruit top talent. We also offer SOLIDWORKS and CATIA courses. You can find our job and internship offers, for example, on our dedicated JobTeaser page or Indeed.
Our technical team has doubled in 2022, join us to continue the adventure :)

Cassandre Maximoff
Marketing & Communication Officer

I have the pleasure of managing XDI’s communications on all channels, especially here on the website!

Enjoy your reading :)