7 reasons to adopt

What if you were to choose the leading 3D design solution?

Freedom, efficiency, flexibility… With XDInnovation Europe, a privileged partner of Dassault Systèmes, discover the 7 good reasons to choose the new 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS to boost your business growth.


Startups: Discover how they boosted their business with 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS

Join us for an exceptional live session hosted by Gilbert Azoulay, on the KUBE stage, on March 11 at 10:30 am to discover how to boost your company with the 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS innovation solution.

In the presence of Morvan BEGASSE, GEO Cloud Sales Leader at Dassault Systèmes and our CEO Pierre-Marc ALLAIN, master the new challenges of product development.

Go behind the scenes of our new generation SAAS SOLIDWORKS subscribers, with Fabien RIMÉ, CTO of GreenBig, and Gery MOULAS, CEO of Leet-Design, to discover the secrets of their success and understand how 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS has boosted their development

Watch the replay : Webinar Live from March 11th at 10:30 am

The program in detail

Facts, figures, concrete feedback, come and participate in an exclusive live event, in a unique atmosphere on the KUBE stage, to discover in detail how :

  • Revolutionize your product development process
  • Centralize your teams’ collaboration in a single secure platform
  • Modulate, complete and adapt your solution according to your needs
  • The practical application of SOLIDWORKS through the testimony of our customers: Integration into the program by one of our customers
  • Innovate without constraint, with concrete feedback from our subscribers

You’re wondering why you haven’t yet adopted the next generation of 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS solution. XDI is here to support you.


Lucas Rouquette,
Project Manager Bbot by GreenBig

CEO Leet design

GEO Cloud Sales Leader at Dassault Systèmes

Pierre-Marc ALLAIN,
CEO XDI Europe


SOLIDWORKS, again and again.

For 25 years, SOLIDWORKS has been supporting you in your innovation projects. As the leading 3D solution, SOLIDWORKS has grown and matured with you and for you.

With 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS, take advantage of an even richer, more functional and more ergonomic version of your reference software.

Increased security, a scalable solution, and unparalleled collaboration to help you go even further, even faster!

Designed as a creativity booster, the 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS offering is a cocoon of features, tools and applications dedicated to one goal: unleash your creativity!
Here are 10 good reasons to get started!


Choose the solution that suits you.

The new 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS is now even more accessible.

A redesigned, adapted and optimized model to facilitate access to the number one solution in the CAD world.

3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS adapts to your organization, your vision, your desires, your uses and your budget.

Subscription of 3 months or 12 months, 36 months, it’s up to you!

Flexibility is the key to making all your projects a reality.


Freedom above all.

Cloud or local: keep your habits or challenge your beliefs

Take advantage of the flexibility and security associated with the cloud, while maintaining the freedom to work locally.

The new 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS gives you the choice.
Your license gives you access to your tools on any device (computer, laptop, mobile..).

Work from any device, whenever you want, wherever you want, staying connected to your environment and your projects.

Promising freedom and adaptability, the cloud offers you unlimited mobility!

Save time, work where you want: discover how the cloud can bring you closer to your core business!


Save money with this 3D tool.

With 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS, you can easily develop your products.

Because it integrates all the necessary tools to store, share and secure your data, 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS acts as a console dedicated to innovation, a creativity booster.

3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS provides you with a turnkey solution. Your team has constant access to up-to-date data, no matter where they are located, significantly reducing the risk of errors and the time to market for your products

Reduce your equipment and maintenance costs to a minimum: no more servers, no more maintenance operations, no more infrastructure costs, no more backups, no more VPN…

Free from IT constraints, you are the conductor of the orchestra… 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS is your baton !


Modulate, complete and adapt your CAD according to your needs.

3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS is a scalable, à la carte solution that continuously adapts to your challenges.

With more than 300 apps available for subscription without commitment, complete your SOLIDWORKS experience according to your needs and priorities. Simulation, photo rendering, technical documentation, CAM, project management…

Increase the functionality of your software and cancel at any time, so you always have a solution that is closest to your needs.

Nothing is fixed, everything is transformed.

Faster and cheaper, discover how to optimize your production by reducing your costs!

Through this case study, discover why Lava Drop used the Cloud to design their electric guitar.


Collaboration made easy.

Forget geographical, time and tool access barriers: collaboration is the key to innovation.

That’s why 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS has all the features you need to make your life easier and more productive.

  • Let’s not talk about software versions anymore, SOLIDWORKS is always up to date, allowing you to benefit from the latest technological advances.
  • Your data is stored and shared in a single source of truth: always work on up-to-date files, without risk of errors.
  • Access your projects anywhere, anytime, from any device for greater efficiency and responsiveness.

Because innovating is necessarily a team effort, work together on the same assembly, simplify access to 3D, send your 3D projects with a simple link to your collaborators and partners…

With 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS, unleash the potential of your business!

Focus on your designs.

Better access to data, simplified maintenance, don’t waste another minute to design your projects.

Ending design differences.

Why PLM users should embrace the cloud.


Preserve your data and projects with 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS

Our tool offers you a perfectly secure environment, dedicated to innovation.

Protecting without locking means giving you access to the right information, to the right person, at the right time to facilitate collaborative innovation without ever exposing yourself.

Your data is stored on DASSAULT SYSTEMS servers according to the highest levels of certification in the sector, in France, guaranteeing that you remain the sole owner and protecting you from modern threats linked to cybercrime.

To innovate, you need to create the conditions of trust with your partner ecosystem. 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS guarantees you a 100% secure space without ever hindering your creativity.

Our offer is without obligation.
But, as always with SOLIDWORKS,
we are working hard to bring you the best experience.

XDInnovation Europe.

Innovate today with the 3D solutions of tomorrow.

XDInnovation is the first 100% Dassault Systèmes Cloud Partner (Gold DS). We have a team of passionate young people who help you innovate efficiently. Their global involvement guarantees you a simple and secure deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE®SOLIDWORKS, with an always up-to-date solution and expert advice.


Our 100% Cloud solutions are those of tomorrow: scalable and without commitment.
They allow unlimited design with unparalleled digital continuity.


With us, everything is clear, everything is said. We are transparent on pricing and in all steps of the integration of your solutions.
We believe that openness and sincerity are the key to long-term collaboration.


We do everything possible to satisfy you. Our commitment to quality is linked to our expertise: Dassaults Systèmes solutions. We are committed to advancing the talents within our company as well as in yours to go further in innovation.


Our support is that of a true partner with whom it is easy to work. From the purchase to the use of our solutions, we simplify the processes and uses so that you can access our solutions as easily as possible.